the risk of credit or loans to banks

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Risks can come at any time. That's why Your credit or bank loans always included insurance. However, how important this insurance?
In the previous article, you already know about the 5 guidelines ask the loan to the bank. This time, check out some of the following questions, and the you can explain the importance of loan insurance.

What is the insurance of the loan/credit?
Credit insurance (credit insurance) was initially known in the environment in the form of life insurance protection against the risk of traffic-jammed to the lender paying off the remainder of the loan creditors. This insurance is also known by the term life insurance credit (credit life insurance).

Asurasi credit guarantee is essentially a form of credit insurance and credit guarantee to cover the inability of the debtor in paying off the remainder of the loan to the lender as a result of the risk of death and of the tort the lender. The insurance mechanism is running at the time the debtor dies, while the guarantee will act in the event of a claim. (Read also: 5 Sign If you need financial consultants)

This type of loan insurance what's included?
Basically the credit given by the banks, both Government and private banks are not apart from credit risk. Therefore, at this time any loan or loans that the bank poured always included insurance.

Is there a premium?
Such insurance generally, it also has credit insurance premium. However, there are some banks that offer this type of insurance without any premium. The amount of the premium usually varies from bank to bank and depends on:

The age of someone who takes a loan: the premium is usually higher for someone aged or nearing retirement.
Loan amount: If high loan amount, the premium payment will also be higher because the bank also has a higher duty on this.
Long loan: If the payment period longer, premium to be paid is also higher. (See also: it's the end of the age of 30? Obligatory Know Phases Following Retirement)
In conclusion, whatever you need to ask again?
What is included? Does include deaths due to accidents or death by any cause? If it covers defects while, or does it only cover insurance permanent disability?
Requirements. Check out the criteria and eligibility for insurance. Whether insurance has loans in terms of a certain amount.
Payment of the premium. Check whether the payment of a premium is included as part of the mortgage or paid at once.