Can Remove Debt! Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Credit Card Insurance

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Bequeath property to the family bonus for them. But when we passed the debt burden should be borne by them? Ah, of course it is not wise.

For those of you who frequently use achieving unlimited credit card with a limit that is large enough, then it's good you're protecting that debt so as not to overload the family, when it turns out you can't afford to pay him because of it.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of credit card insurance as protection of dependents or debt that You can't get rid of because of death, for example. Or because of the permanent disabilities that cause you can't afford the liability.

Then what is the fundamental thing that you should know about credit card insurance? The following things need to be understood and can become Your considerations to determine the option should protect credit card or not:

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1. Amount of credit card bills could be a Boomerang
Things to note is how much You spend your credit card. When the value is only a single digit in a million, then his load is relatively quite small. But what about when your credit card bills total reaches hundreds of millions even billions? When you don't have a credit card insurance, then it could be a boomerang.

Imaginable, with the number of the Bill who was so much, will definitely be the more damning family when it turns out you are no longer able to pay or pay it off. When you don't have a credit card or insurance credit protection/credit shield, then the credit card bills will still be charged, even when you haven't been able to pay it off, certainly the interest of the number of bills that would keep rolling.

Imagine when the Bill reached the hundreds of millions, say Usd 300,000,000 damning, doesn't it?

An example of when you have credit card insurance:

For example, the ECO has a credit card "A" and the amount of the invoice reached Rp 200 million (two hundred million). Then Eko turned out a disaster experience makes him can no longer work or make money. But because she has a credit card insurance, then the bank will remove the burden of debt on the credit cards of eco.

Example if you do not have a credit card insurance:

Let's say Mr. Edi has the credit card "B" and the amount of the invoice reached Rp 100,000,000 (one hundred million). Then Pak Edi's death. Because he did not insure her credit card, the bank imposes a debt Pak Edi to his family.

Duh, it's very damning family ditinggakan, isn't it? Like the word already saddened by the loss of family members, but should still be burdened in debt inherited.

Every credit card issuer bank has terms of quantity percentage of premiums to be paid by the card holder/customer insure their cards. And the credit card issuing bank each have a different insurance premiums quantity provisions. The range of insurance premium credit card rates of around 0.3%-0.9% of the total number of bills per month.

For example,

Rudi has a credit card "C" and she mengasuransikannya. The Bank's "C" it sets her credit card insurance premiums amounting to 0.5% of the total bill.

Past credit card bills Rudi in January amounted to Rp 50,000,000 (fifty million). Then the amount of premium payable Rudi is:

= 0.5% x Rp 50,000,000 = Rp 250,000 (number of credit card insurance premiums to be paid)

3. How has the credit card Insurance
Any insurance options apply, there are credit cards on credit card submission form. You just tick the column mentioned that want to insure your credit card. But if we do not want that credit card insurance, don't get filled.

What if it turns out that you changed your mind and want to insure that credit card later, but already filing file entry to be processed? No need to worry.

Usually after the credit card is sent to you, in some time when you have to activate a credit card, there will be a bank that offers party telemarketing protection credit card you currently have.

But what about when you don't want to have any insurance credit cards but already check the column agreed in the application? Or already mengiyakan offer these telemarketing?

If so, no need to panic. You just need to contact the call center of each issuing bank of the credit card. And keep in mind, take a good look at the time of filling out the submission form.