A million Benefits Both credit cards for the generation of millennial doctrines

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1. The maximum levels of Efficiency

With just one card needs can be fulfilled! Once enough string or click all kinds of payments can go wrong with a credit card. Based on survey results from JakPat Mobile Survey (January, 2018) as much as 38% of the millennial doctrines grounded using a credit card for emergencies and 16% for the sake of ease of payment and Transact.

In other words, a credit card can be a reserve fund most rapidly when genting and facilitate payment monthly activities either bills or installment can easily and timely completion.

2. Be more Efficient because of the myriad Program promos and Cashback

Still from JakPat Mobile survey results Survey, as many as 44% of the millennial doctrines using credit cards because of the installment program and discounts offered by credit cards. Generation of millennial doctrines that have always wanted to be able to follow the current trend will certainly be very satisfied with the advantages of a credit card on this one.

How does? Almost the entire e-commerce website offering a 0% installment program for users of credit cards, cashback program for the purchase of a particular product, merchandise is free for clients of certain credit cards and other types of discounts other very Pro to the consumers who use credit cards.

Yet with hundreds of merchants working with credit card products join the pieces of the special price is only available to credit card holders. Generation of millennial doctrines that have the characteristics of a little consumerist is certainly greatly helped by the existence of this magical cards.

3. The main Solution to get around the lifestyle that cheap but the present

JakPat Mobile Survey ever declare bahwan shebaniah 27% of millennial doctrines generation using a credit card to purchase products eletronik, 25% for eating and drinking, 23% to 15% for sightseeing, fashion, and 5% to the cost of the internet bill payment. This proves that all the ease and sophistication of credit cards is indeed the main reason why this generation hooked transactions with bank products.

Not only practical, if drawn again to the point number 2, you can conclude that program promos, discounts and cashback by credit card is the main reason why this card becomes an essential tool to support the lifestyle of a generation of millennial doctrines.

The Rescue Credit Cards Personal Finance Generation Millennial Doctrines

Many people assume the use of a credit card will only add to the burden of the costs and make a person become a consumerist. It is certainly not going to happen if not many people who can not make use of a credit card with a good and appropriate function.

Well, for the generation of millennial doctrines own credit cards could just be the right tool for more personal finance meyehatkan. Many people originating from generation is judged likely to be living with wasteful because mobility and socialization needs.

In addition to the ' cheap ' all activities make pay-buy credit card apparently has another advantage here that can make anyone so smarter financial set:

Make It Easier To Set Up A Financial Budget
With credit cards you like having a journal for his own financial transactions. Each will pay credit card bills you will certainly get a variety of details of any transaction whatever have you done using a credit card. From any report, you can assess how your own personal financial conditions.

More Spending Is Tracked
By obtaining the transaction records of each sheet credit card bills you receive, you can trace the transaction knowing you well. That way you will more easily in merapihkan financial management you because the record spending and presentable.

A more secure payment transaction
Unlike cash if stolen has not necessarily to be back with the same nominal or missing altogether. If the credit card you are missing you enough to block it immediately before a misused. So no need to bother again bring cash when shopping that can provoke crimes.

Can be used in almost all over the world
Credit card visa and mastercard logo is the type of credit card that can be used almost anywhere. So when you are on holiday and apes stolen cash, a credit card can be an emergency fund.

How to make use of credit cards to the maximum for The millennial doctrines

The credit card was created to facilitate the activities of financial transactions with a variety of additional benefits, not make users become wasteful and consumerist. For that I'll not wrong in using a credit card, she tips easy to use a credit card for a generation of millennial doctrines:

1. use of promos, discounts and Cashback suits your abilities and needs
Many of you who see the promo and discount hit products, direct the film to buy. But not too helpful. So too with promos and discounts from credit card sometimes make us dark eyes and feel obliged to sample all of the program. But there was an added benefit to further save on expenses rather than vice versa.

So remember to use promo and discount in accordance with the needs of you alone. Like the monthly shopping at the supermarket is teaming up with the credit card that is used so you can get point reward or cashback everytime you transact using a credit card, not impose buying needs which are not only important to get cashback.

2. never pull the Cash credit card
A credit card is that the tool, so use the cashless payment in accordance with the actual function. If it is pressed for better pull cash debit card, most banks will charge a fee of 4% or a minimum of Rp50 thousand for each transaction that you do. Costs totaling several times fold right compared to pull cash with debit card?

3. Quite a 1 card that fit in with the needs of the
Looking for a credit card that fits the need indeed hard-hard-easy, so before you apply credit cards always do research beforehand. If you are always spending monthly, then search for credit cards are indeed provide plenty of discounts and promo or a credit card that works with hundreds of aja shopping and supermarkets.

Different again with people who have a high mobility, means must seek special credit cards that offer cashback for every fuel purchase transaction or many works closely with many cafes or eateries.

Avoid using more than 1 credit card if it is not urgent. Credit card tailored to the priority it needs not a hobby!

4. the appropriate Limit
In addition, the amount of the limit should also be so caring. Choose a credit card with a limit amount of earnings you heavy in order not to pay any invoice. By selecting the limit which is not much different from the income will avoid you from ' the big peg than the pillar '.

5. Pay bills according due date
Try not to pay credit card bills past due date specified. If late eating you have to pay an average of Rp 150,000 or 3% of each transaction the total billed as a form of fine larger delay, right? Not have a credit card means you arbitrarily using only but should also be disciplined in the payout.

6. It could be business capital
One of the other functions of the credit card business as capital is impromptu. If you need funds for the effort but it's hard to find a fast capital and no hassle. Then the credit card is the best solution. String and you managed to stay so entrepreneurial.

Although not as much of that you can get from alternative sources such as venture capital or KTA KMG. At least for the initial, small business credit cards can provide considerable funds. So not only do credit cards could be a ' debt ' groceries alone but can also be a productive debt yields.