5 Tips to become the preferred Ideal Subordinate Leaders

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Many people want to be a leader in a company, maybe you are one of them. But keep in mind, career from the bottom to get the tip in the organizational structure of a company is not easy. It took hard work and a certain criteria.

Well, don't assume that the criteria is the innate from birth aka talent. But rather the result of a long process and consistency of a person. Anyone can be a leader, no matter where it comes from or descendants who. If viable as leader, then won that position could be reached.

The following five tips to become an ideal leader in the company of, among others:

1. be a good Role models
Name a leader, just like Your Word is ' mirrored ' to Your subordinates. All acts of the Horn You will determine how they behave. Therefore, as a leader, you must give a good example to my subordinates.

Let's just say, you want to have a team discipline over time, both when it comes to the Office were present at a meeting or meetings, and more. So with any other matters, such as how to dress and speak.

The point is, starts to things from yourself. Lead yourself before leading others. If it be consistent with this, then congratulations, you've meet one of the criteria of an ideal leader.

2. Make Yourself a leader, not a Boss
How to distinguish between a leader with a boss is to look at how teams behave towards you. A leader, when he gave the order, then it is not just simply giving the command. More than that, he has a humility, open to discussion, criticism and suggestions for the common good as well as the company.

The attitude of leaders such as these are usually very liked by subordinates. They will feel happy and proud because join is involved in taking the decision. That way, it will appear the respect of them against you.

Another story with the boss. The word ' boss ' frequently pinned to his superiors that impressed the origin of love commands. The boss of this seeming indifferent and not open about the mechanism of the given task, an important employee must complete a job target, however. Whereas, the subordinate also need guidance when there are difficulties when executing the task. This is why we often hear the term "bossy" that negative connotation.

3. Good at managing emotions
Emotions are low, then the energy emitted by any join is low. Conversely, if your emotions are rising, then the energy that flowed also participated. Well, Your leaders should be clever-clever in controlling emotions within you. Do not let your emotions are at the lowest point, but don't be too emotional and even as this could backfire for yourself.

4. Sharpening the skills of leading you on a consistent basis
As already mentioned at the beginning, being a leader requires an ideal process. Every individual had the potential to be a leader. Live now how that individual, including you, are determined to continue to develop the potential.

Be a flexible leader, meaning you can customize the style of leadership with situations and conditions that are occurring in the field. This is the best way to develop your skills in the lead. Because that way, you so know how to behave in various situations.

5. Dare to Admit Mistakes
As human beings we have never escaped from the name of the error. This applies also for a leader. But few people are reluctant to admit the faults on behalf of prestige. Avoid this if you want to be branded as a true leader. Instead you look weak and no integrity, acknowledging the mistake will make you are respected by others.

You Certainly Could Be A Great Leader
If all of the criteria of an ideal leader is inside yourself, be prepared to be leaders. The boss is not simply being able to push his team reaching the company's targets, but also favored a co-worker and his subordinates. Your leadership style can be used as a good example by another supervisor in your company.